Kristin Equiniones-Gonzales

I am a personal trainer. I am a trainer because I wanted to help people achieve all that they are capable of. I believe if you put in some extra effort you can do amazing things. I keep people motivated, and guide them along the journey. I work with many types of people, all with different goals, lifestyles and medical conditions. The one thing they have in common is they are all interested in becoming a stronger and healthier version of themselves.

Getting my degree was always key, My love has always been science: biology, chemistry and kinesiology. The lab was my home. Once out of school I was lucky to have a physical therapist take me under her wing. She showed me how the hurt/injured body works and what I could do to help, how to think unconventionally to improve movement. Soon I took a job as a histology tech. There a physician assistant taught me how to do autopsies (yes, you read that right.) I learned the body from the inside, why a dysfunctional body works and why a seemly fully functional body can still fail. While still working full time at the lab I started training early in the morning. Soon I had to make a decision, training won my time an attention. In the early years I received loads of help from great trainers. They taught me: attention to detail, energy, movement, how to build relationships and the role of nutrition. On my path I received loads of education. Yes, education! I did not just get a certificate to do this. In this industry there is many times things are unregulated and many people and details can slip through the cracks. I’ve studied, I’ve worked, I’ve pulled all nighters. I stand with those few trainers that have walked the same path. I didn’t want to just get by, I wanted people to take me seriously when I said something, I wanted to give good advice, I wanted to be trusted. I wanted to carry a good name, I wanted my company to carry a good name. So to this day I still consider myself a student, constantly reading, researching, discovering and applying.



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