Samantha Equiniones

I became a trainer to guide clients to shine in their own way, never to change whom they started out, but assist them to see they their true potential. I first started my college career to school to become an elementary teacher. I received my B.S. in Biology, which gave the education and experience of learning the human body and how it functions.  I minored in Psychology where I learned in depth of how people react and interact with their environment. With this education I have studied a wide range of branches of psychology from child relations to drug abuse, and even exercise addiction. No matter how you look at it I became an educator. I use my knowledge to assist clients to achieve various goals from long term goals like healthy life style changes to short terms goals such as helping fit that into that amazing wedding dress they wanted before that special day. I present myself to assist people in feeling better about themselves mentally AND physically. I enjoy teaching those who are interested, how to take care of their body and how to control those terrible habits we all have. The nutrition side of personal training is also important to me. Yes training is important, but so is eating right. I love my job even more when I get to help write meal plans and when I show my clients how to cook certain dishes they may be unsure about preparing themselves. I eat healthy, I teach healthy, and that’s very important to me.

This industry is ever changing, with new research and scientific
findings.  Something that is the new
cutting edge workouts or that is said is the best today may change tomorrow.
Not every client is the same and may need specialized attention. It is my
responsibility to create the best plan whether it is movements or suggesting
foods for them to try, not just when they are with me but especially the 23
hours a day they are not with me. Therefore my education continues along with
the industry and the clients.



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