Aaron Flores

I enjoy every moment as a personal trainer. I love the feeling when people accomplish their goals and it was because I was able to guide help guide them. I am a personal trainer because I choose to lead by example. I want people to see me and know that I am a trainer. I want to help people feel better about themselves. I enjoy pushing peoples limits to show them not only they are capable but in life, there is no reason for giving up!

I became a personal trainer slightly over a year ago. It was never really clear to me that I wanted to be a trainer. I actually began training in parkour in 2011. Parkour is the  art of movement. I trained parkour for almost 4 months before my instructor asked me to assist him with classes. I will admit I was VERY hesitant because I was so new to this type of training, but my instructor had plenty of faith and confidence with me. I began training and teaching parkour from there on out. As I matured as an instructor I also matured as a practitioner. In October of 2011 I had the privilege of training with 1 of 9 of the original founders of parkour which had originated from France. I took what I learned and quickly applied it to my training and to my classes. Shortly after I received my certification to teach and train parkour from Texas Parkour. Along that I also became a sponsored athlete by Texas Parkour and submitted videos and trained small classes for the time being. In January of 2012 I began my try as a personal trainer by teaching about health and fitness while ALSO teaching parkour in other classes. I have been studying and working as a training aid since then and I would not change it for the world. I enjoy pushing and breaking limits and my training and outlook on life show it very well. The word NO does not exist to me and the phrase ” I CANT ”  is an incentive to push someone harder and harder. Nothing is impossible, the sky is the limit.


Peace and Flying, Aaron Flores



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